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    General /Care & Maintenance


    1. I live nearby your warehouse in Corona, CA 92882 – Can I pickup my order from you directly so I don’t have to pay for shipping?

    Yes! When you get to the checkout step of placing your order you will see an option for “Store Pick Up”. Instructions will pop up on the screen and you will not be charged for any of the normal applicable shipping charges. Also, if the board is 7ft or larger, you can use promocode WILLCALL to get an additional $50 off your order for picking up yourself!


    1. What are some tips for maintaining my foam paddle board or surfboard?

    We recommend rinsing your board down with fresh water after each use. Then stand the board upright so any excess water from use or cleaning that may have been absorbed can drain out for a few hours while the board dries. Do not do this in direct sunlight though- make sure is in the shade. You can towel dry or let air dry before putting board away.


    1. Where should I store my board when not being used?

    We recommend storing your paddleboard or surfboard in an enclosed garage or storage area. Do not leave it outside for prolonged periods of time where it can be affected negatively by the elements over time.


    1. Do I need to wax my foam surfboard or SUP before use?

    All current CBC and Scott Burke SUPs have a full-size traction pad so wax is not needed. For your foam surfboard, however, you WILL still need to wax the deck to maintain grip when riding.


    1. Can I bring my dog on my SUP/Surfboard?

    Yes! And they love it too! Please be aware that your dog’s claws may leave some minor cosmetic issues such as imprints or scratches in the foam so you may want to purchase an aftermarket traction pad to prevent that.


    1. My state requires a serial number / a Hull Identification number for paddle boards, but I can’t find that on my board?

    Our SUPs do not have serial/hull numbers. Email us if you need us to provide documentation on our letterhead verifying this for you to submit.


    1. I purchased a SUP paddle from you recently, is the paddle supposed to float?

    The CBC and Burke Aluminum standard SUP paddles DO float, but the I-SUP paddles and  SUP/YAK paddles do not.


    1. How do I attach my GoPro to my paddleboard?

    Instruction for mounting a camera to your board can be found on our YouTube channel video at this link below for mounting a camera on your board at this link: 



    1. My foam board feels like it’s taking on water and is now heavier than when I first bought it -Is this normal?

    All foam boards absorb some water when being used based on the manufacturing material, this is normal! To avoid this, make sure to stand your board up after each use at the end of the day to let the excess water drain out. *As long as your board does not have any tears or punctures in the foam where more water than normal could get in, then you should be fine. See repair solutions below if you do have a ding.


    1. My local Costco is sold out of the Gerry Lopez Surfboard, Can I buy it from you directly?

    The Gerry Lopez 8’ surfboard is exclusively sold at Costco and cannot be purchased anywhere else. Please reach out to your local Costco for availability and questions about if/when it will be restocked.


    1. The graphic on my board is fading, why is this happening?

    Over time, the color (graphic) may fade if left in the sun for prolonged periods of time. This is normal. When not in use, we recommend that you store your board away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.


    1. The ink on my board is coming off onto my swimsuit, is my board defective?

    No, your board is not defective. Certain sunscreens or lotions may cause the ink to bleed onto your skin or swimsuit. We strongly recommend that you test your sunscreen on your board in an inconspicuous area to make sure that it will not remove the graphic. 


    1. Where can I get help on how to install my fin or leash?

    See our ‘How To’ YouTube section. Click on any of the 6 videos displayed and it will take you to the home YouTube channel where there are even more videos to check out.


    1. Is there a warranty on Keeper Sports Products and how can I find out if my issue is covered?

    We have a limited 30-day Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty on all products with allowability of a warranty determined on a case-by-case basis. Check out our full Warranty details here


    Parts & Repairs


    1. What should I do if I am missing a part with my new board?

    If your board was purchased within the past 30 days and you need a replacement part due to it not being included in the box or breaking already, then contact to see if you qualify for a no charge replacement under our 30 day Manufacturing Warranty. Please include proof of purchase (receipt showing date) and pictures of the broken part if applicable. 

    *If the 30 day manufacturing warranty date has passed then you can purchase a replacements here


    1. What if the replacement part I need is not listed under replacements on or I am not sure which part goes with my specific board?

    Contact for assistance.


    1. Your website is sold out of SUP fins, where else can I purchase one?

    Our SUP fins are universal so you can also purchase one from the many generic SUP fin replacements sold on Amazon.


    1. How do install my replacement fin box?

    You can use Solarez epoxy repair – as long as it’s the EPS/Styrofaom safe one, or you can use a hot glue gun. Start by making sure your board is completely dry. Apply the glue to the open cavity as well as around the fin box. Insert the screws and then let dry for at least 24 hours.


    1. How do I repair a small puncture or tear in my foam surfboard or paddleboard?

    First off – remove your board from the water as soon as you notice the ding so it does not take on any water into the core. For the repair - We recommend using a standard hot glue gun to fill the puncture/tear. Make sure the area is clean and dry beforehand. Let the glue dry for 24 hours before using your board again. Once it’s fully dry, you may want to sand down the area to make it flush with the rest of the board.


    1. My board got dinged and the foam is not torn but nose/tail got smushed; Can this be repaired?

    No, surface level dings or scratches and areas of the foam that got smushed in cannot be repaired but cosmetic issues such as these will not affect the board’s performance.


    1. My traction pad has a small air bubble under it. Is this a defect and/or how can I fix it?

    Air bubbles under your deck pad may occur. Don’t worry, your board is not defective! It is due to a small air molecule being trapped between the deck and the deck pad. Over time, when the air then expands, it causes a bubble to form. This can be fixed easily by taking a needle to the bubble and pressing down on the area to allow the air to escape. The adhesive will still be tacky and will reattach to the deck.


    1. My traction deck pad has started to peel up at the edges, what should I do?

    Sometimes over time the adhesive may come loose. You can easily repair this by re-gluing it back down with Gorilla glue. Make sure there are no air bubbles and let dry for 24 hours before use again.


    1. How to repair a puncture on your epoxy paddleboard?

    We recommend the Epoxy Ding Repair by Solarez (Can purchase on Amazon!)


    1. My I-SUP isn’t fully inflating or seems like it’s losing air, but I cannot find a hole anywhere. Why is this happening?

    It’s most likely a loose valve. Use the plastic valve wrench included in your repair kit to tighten the valve.


    1. The gauge on my I-SUP pump is not registering but my board feels fully inflated. Is my pump broken?

    No, the gauge will not register until you reach at least 7-8 PSI. It might feel like your board is fully inflated, but keep pumping, and eventually it will start to register. Do not be scared to keep pumping – board should feel ROCK HARD when you’re done.


    1. My Carbon Fiber paddle shaft keeps slipping, what should I do?

    The clamp simply needs to be tightened using the built-in lever, using either a screwdriver or an alan key.

    Need help with something that wasn’t mentioned in the above FAQ? Please shoot us a detailed email at and we will be happy to assist you!